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Top Hat Art Collective Gallery features artists from all over the world and seeks to connect our community through creativity.

Top Hat Art Collective Gallery features artists from all over the world and seeks to connect our community through creativity. Photo by Ashleymarie Sey Lively from "Out of the Hat Annual Art Show" in February 2023.



The History Top Hat Art Collective Gallery

Located in Bakersfield, CA, started in 2018 by Tom and Mary Cox, the Collective started out as a tattoo shop and hosted art shows. This year, they are growing the space into a full functional gallery, event, and art workshop space.

Here at Top Hat Art Collective, our mission is to inspire creativity while sharing an appreciation for art. Our goal is to promote artist work from all over and empower our community through art and community.


Out of the Hat - Feb. 2024

Under the Tree - Dec. 2023

Mask Art Show - Nov. 2023

Friday the 13th Art Show - Oct. 2023

Under the Neon Moon - Aug. 2023

Western Art Show - Jun. 2023

Trader Tom's Tiki Art Show - Apr. 2023

Out of the Hat Annual Art Show - Feb. 2023

Under the Tree - Dec. 2022

Out of the Hat Annual Art Show- Feb. 2022

Under the Tree - Dec. 2021

Spellbound - Oct. 2021

Unlocked Art Show - Jul. 2021

Art Show This Is - May 2021

Out of the Hat Annual Art Show - Mar. 2021




A list of some of our past artists include...

Top Hat Tom
3 Sheets
Mary Cox
Aaron Wherry
Korey Keeton
Javier Covarrubias
Aaron Sy
Art of Alex Z
Anthony Kholoer Santi
Brandi Church
Brenna Rose
Byron Bush
Chad Dupraw
Char Bush
Chey Monee
Dan Aparicio
Daisy Covarrubias
Deja Nunez
DK Tatts
Four Eyes
John Woodruff
Jonny Riel
Joy Kimmick
Katie Petitti
Kelly the Turtle
Mario Gonzalez
Paint Stick
Rachael Keene
Serein Petrichor
Zoe Gutierrez
David Whosoever
Skipper Kevin
Sey Studios
Pete Castro
Andrew Moore
Evan Crocker
Madison Contreras
Mikey Tubs
Gregory Hawson
Kelly Simcoe
Audrey Jarvis
Karrie Rhodes
Fredy Paintz
Adalyn Evertse
Jacqueline Monroe
Anna Hackler
JP Rodriguez
Ally Davis
Fuzzy Joseph
Tiki Tony
Jessica Dobberfuhl
Emily Larrabee
Terry Tripp
Suz Roach
Kate Dykstra
Three Commodore P
Nanette Cuellar
Margarita Pimienta
Daria Hutchins
Steve Spiegel
Audrey Franks
Elena Vargas




Interested in applying to one of our shows? Please click on the applications below. Be sure to include all your contact info, a functional portfolio link or Instagram with samples of your work, and answer all the questions. Our gallery coordinator, Sey, will get back to you as soon as possible. All requirements are on each of the application forms. Be sure to read them thoroughly. Applying does not guarantee a place in the show.


Western Theme - Title TBA

Application Coming Soon

Submission Form Deadline: April 21st

Currently seeking artwork inspired by the west

The exhibition open Saturday, June 1st and will run through the entire month